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Under $50

Major Sculpt Crème Contour & Powder Bronzer Duo


$40 USD

Major Brow Lamination Gel

Clear (Transparent Shine)

$27 USD

Major Glow™ Lip Shine

She's Expensive (Crystal Pearl)

$26 USD

Major Glow Balm

She's On Vacation (Bronze)

$50 USD

Major Glow™ Highlighting Mist

Look At Her (White Pearl)

$32 USD

Monochrome Moment - Precision Lip Crayon

She's Humble (Neutral Pink)

$26 USD

Monochrome Moment - Velvet Blush

She's Sincere (Soft Peach)

$32 USD

Monochrome Moment - Silky Lip Crème

She's Independent (Pink Beige)

$26 USD

Major Headlines - Matte Suede Lipstick

She's Hard To Get (Vibrant Pink)

$32 USD

Major Volume Plumping Gloss

2 CCs (Juicy Pink)

$26 USD

Major Headlines - Precision Lip Crayon

She's Hard To Get (Vibrant Pink)

$26 USD

Major Glow Dewy Milk Mist

She's Thirsty

Sold Out

Body Brush


Sold Out

Major Glow On the Go Duo

Shes Expensive + A Dream

$35 USD $50 USD

Major Glow She's Extra Duo

Fan + Highlighting Mist We Love Her (pink pearl)

$32 USD $44 USD

Major Volume Mascara

Jet Black

$29 USD

Major Brow Set


$45 USD $51 USD