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Patrick Ta Eyeshadow Palette

Claims & Safety Promise

We assure all consumers that there has been zero traces of mold revealed in testing of our eyeshadow palettes. We take customer claims very seriously and conducted a thorough investigation and all results confirm that there is no mold in the product. Please find a more detailed explanation below. Thank you for your ongoing support!

Formulations in Our Eyeshadow

Our Major Dimension ll Rose Eye Shadow Palette contains a unique variety of eye shadow formulations, some of which contain high percentages of oils and waxes which are susceptible to temperature fluctuations. A temperature fluctuation, such as extreme cold, produces a visual “blooming” of the waxes in the formula. We have performed extensive testing to confirm that this “blooming” in the formula is not mold or a bacteria of any form, it is simply a formation due to temperature and the product is safe to continue to use for the eye area.

How to Prevent the Oils & Waxes from Malformation

Your experience with our product is very important to us. Given the temperature-sensitive nature of many cosmetic formulas, especially those with creamier textures like those found in our Major Dimension ll Rose Eye Shadow Palette, we encourage our customers to be mindful not to store their cosmetics in areas where they are exposed to extreme temperatures, such as in your vehicle or in checked luggage during long-haul flights.