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#color_oh she's single (soft nude) #color_blushing (neutral berry)
#color_that's why she's late (cherry red) #color_blushing (neutral berry)
#color_she must be new (deep wine) #color_blushing (neutral berry)
#color_she's not from here (bright coral) #color_blushing (neutral berry)
#color_she's hard to get (vibrant pink) #color_blushing (neutral berry)
#color_shy (soft pink) #color_blushing (neutral berry)
Shy (Soft Pink) Sale price$32.00
#color_blushing (neutral berry) #color_blushing (neutral berry)
Blushing (Neutral Berry) Sale price$32.00
#color_flushed (peachy taupe) #color_blushing (neutral berry)
Flushed (Peachy Taupe) Sale price$32.00
#color_seductive (warm mauve) #color_blushing (neutral berry)
Seductive (Warm Mauve) Sale price$32.00
#color_complicated (rich berry) #color_blushing (neutral berry)
Complicated (Rich Berry) Sale price$32.00


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More on Patrick Ta Lipstick

Patrick Ta’s lipstick collection epitomizes the essence of modern glamour, bringing together luxury and innovation in a line of products designed to empower and inspire. Each lipstick in this meticulously curated collection is more than just a beauty product; it's an invitation to express oneself boldly and beautifully.

Finest Ingredients

Crafted with the finest ingredients, Patrick Ta's lipsticks offer a rich, creamy texture that glides effortlessly across the lips, providing long-lasting wear without compromising on comfort. The pigments are vibrant and saturated, ensuring that each swipe delivers maximum impact with minimal effort. From the daring reds to the subtle nudes, every shade is thoughtfully created to enhance the natural beauty of the wearer.


The collection is not only about exceptional quality but also about inclusivity. Patrick Ta has designed shades that cater to all skin tones, ensuring that everyone can find their perfect match. This commitment to diversity is reflected in the names of the lipsticks, each celebrating the unique beauty of those who wear them.

Attention to Detail

Moreover, the packaging of Patrick Ta’s lipsticks is a testament to the brand's attention to detail. The sleek, modern design is both functional and chic, making each lipstick a stylish accessory as much as a makeup essential. The magnetic closure ensures the product’s integrity, keeping the luxurious formula secure and pristine.

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, Patrick Ta's lipsticks are formulated to be kind to the skin. Enriched with nourishing oils and antioxidants, they help to moisturize and protect the lips, maintaining their health and softness.

Patrick Ta’s lipstick collection invites you to embrace your beauty and express your individuality. Each shade tells a story, your story, allowing you to paint your lips not just with color, but with confidence and charisma. Join the celebration of beauty and style with Patrick Ta's exquisite range of lipsticks.